Gross and Janes Co.
Fall 2014
Message from the President and CEO

Happy Fall to all! We would like to extend an invitation to all those attending the 2014 RTA Technical Conference and Symposium in Orlando, Florida this week to visit our hospitality suite in Room 1531 for great networking, food and beverages. We enjoy and value the fellowship we share with others in this industry.

Tie procurement continues to be a struggle this year. The RTA Trends report and forecasting model continues to suggest shortages industry wide. Demand remains strong, but the extended wet spring and summer further condensed the logging season. Let’s hope for dry weather into November and December; perhaps the loggers can make up some lost time.

Gross & Janes has been in business for 92 years. We are proud of the role we play as a liaison between the railroads and saw mills. We are not brokers, but instead we provide financial and technical support to help our producing saw mills continually enhance their operations to attain maximum production. We also try to be a voice for our saw mills’ messages to the railroads while being ever mindful to care for our customers’ needs as well.

Sawmilling is tough work, and recruiting new folks into the industry is not an easy task. We are always listening and watching to help put new tie production into the market and expand the ‘pie’. Experienced saw millers understand that while competing products like lumber and crane mats ebb and flow, tie demand is steady and strong into the foreseeable future.

This is a good time of year to say ‘thank you’ to our mills and our railroad customers. We hope your visit with us in Orlando will be special.

Mike Pourney


Marketplace Report — Third Quarter 2014
A random survey of selected sawmills was taken the week of September 29, 2014 to develop this non-scientific snapshot of the crosstie purchasing market. This report is broken down into three primary log harvesting regions covering portions of Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana (see map). It covers both oak and mixed wood logs.

Hightlights: Availability of logs remains low throughout the region, although some areas are starting to see a slight improvement. Some mills are running pine to subsidize their incomes. Gasoline prices have dropped in all areas. Log prices continue to increase slightly, with some areas experiencing a wider range of prices than in the past.

Map and Chart