Gross and Janes Co.
Summer 2014
Message from the President and CEO

Drier Weather Should Lead to More Log Availability

After a soggy start to 2014, the recent period of dry and hot weather is giving hope to an increase in logging activity and crosstie production throughout the country. While some areas are still reporting poor log availability due to wet conditions, other areas are beginning to dry out. Hopefully a few more weeks of dry weather will lead to the return of more robust logging in early July.

More logs will be good news for Gross & Janes, as we are nearing the completion of our new crosstie production plant with its two-step borate treatment facility and expanded air-drying yard in Camden, Arkansas. This facility will provide switch ties for our entire distribution network, enabling us to service the Union Pacific, BNSF and Kansas City Southern railroads directly from this location. We look forward to this new facility coming on line.

Have a safe and productive summer.

Mike Pourney


Marketplace Report — Second Quarter 2014
A random survey of selected sawmills was taken the week of June 16, 2014 to develop this non-scientific snapshot of the crosstie purchasing market. This report is broken down into three primary log harvesting regions covering portions of Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana (see map). It covers both oak and mixed wood logs.

Hightlights: Wet weather has slowed logging, but the saw mills are optimistic about better log inventory once drier conditions take hold. Some mills are already showing a slight improvement in log availability. Logs prices are generally increasing, with some areas are experiencing a wider range of prices than in the past.

Map and Chart
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